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As mentioned before in how you make the blocks, we have 3 steps to take before we have the blocks. The three stadia which you will have to go through are  following:

After everything has been mixed properly and the soil is brought to it OMC you can shovel the mixture in a bucket and put in in the Rapid Co press. Due to the fact that this press is functioning double sided (from the top and the bottom) under 200 bar pressure, you will get the best result for the blocks. They will have a smooth surface and are very solid. By using this way of pressing you avoid that the blocks will have one side which is very porous. So double sided pressing does not only make you block look more nice, but will also increase the bearing capacity. 



Rapid Co heavy duty soil crusher                                          3 kW – 380 Volt / 2.2 kW 220 V

This machine will crush the soil and make it a homogeneous  mass. Because we use a grid before the soil will go into the machine, you can immediately separate bigger rocks etc., from the soil, so you automatically have a pre-selection.



Rapid Co heavy duty soil mixer                                             7,5 kW – 380 Volt

The crushed soil will make it easier to mix with the cement (ca. 5%), sand and the Block Rapid / water mixture. You can easily determine the Optimal Moister Content (OMC).



Rapid Co hydraulic single mould block press                   7.5 kW– 380 Volt


When the mould is filled up with the mixed soil, you can close the mould and start pressing. The machine will press till about 200 bar, from the bottom side as well as from the top side, so you get a smooth surface once the block is pressed. Sometimes you see that these kinds of blocks are only pressed from one side (top or bottom), but this results in cracks and uneven parts at the other end of the block. An additional advantage is that with two sided pressed blocks, the bearing capacity increases significantly as well.

Further Rapid Co developments are:

  • portable 220V crusher, mixer and press
  • stationary 220V or 380V crusher mixer and press
  • stationary high capacity 380V automatic block production factory ( balance systems, conveyor belts)

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