Inexpensive house constructions

Due to the shape of the block, as mentioned before, it is easy to stack them without needing to use expensive cement. The interlocking shape of the blocks provide enough stability. Even unskilled workers can do the job, just like they can do the production of the blocks. So there is always work for skilled and unskilled workers available round the construction site. This is also an additional advantage; the use of unskilled local labour without having the higher costs of only skilled labour.

Due to the fact that the blocks are made out of soil, the natural look of the houses will remain, since the colour of the blocks match the colour of the soil. But it is also possible to paint or plaster the blocks in any colour you like.

Since the blocks are fully solid, an extra benefit is that the heat will be kept out. The blocks isolate the rooms very effectively.

Apart from the blocks, any conventional building system can be integrated into constructions using Block Rapid blocks. It is possible to use conventional doors, windows and roof constructions. Electrical systems, water and plumbing can easily be installed.


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