Shape of the blocks

To benefit optimally from the resources (soil) at the working site, we have chosen to construct a form factor of the block which is the easiest to work with and should cause the least amount of additional costs. Therefore we work with blocks which are interlocking. You already see the form in our Block Rapid logo (top view):


Due to its form factor it is easy to stack on top of each other and still succeed in building solid and sustainable walls. To further strengthen you can decide to use iron bars or pour in extra cement in the wall construction to create extra stability. This is possible because we shaped the blocks with ‘channels’ on the top side, the short sides and the bottom side. And as a results, if you cold stack the blocks, you automatically create these ‘channels’ in  between the blocks. The use of iron bars or cement or an extra column should only be necessary if you want to reach a certain height, length or need to further stabilize a certain point in the construction.  Just as you would need with the traditional ways or construction.

An additional benefit of these blocks is that they are completely solid and therefore they will also isolate the rooms and keep the heat out.

The size of a block is (wxlxh) 200x230x115, and because the blocks are pressed double sided you can easily reach a bearing capacity which exceeds the 65 kg/cm², where only 45kg/m² is needed according to architects and constructors.


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