Verdusie B.V. is a Dutch daughter company of the Bomewo Holding, which started up in 1948 as a supplier of machine parts. Throughout the years Bomewo has specialized itself to improve quality of life in the water sector as well as the sector for affordable though sustainable housing and infrastructure.

Verdusie  is focussing on is hardening roads for areas that suffer any weather conditions. We have developed a special product, called Road Rapid that will strengthen the road in an environmental friendly manner, through a permanent ionic exchange ( bond ) within the soil. So instead of absorbing water it will be water repellent. If you compare this to the traditional ways of making roads, it is very cost effective but still has the same features. This is the perfect solution for creating B-Roads. The costs bear only a fraction of the price if you compare it with asphalt. The perfect solution with a very sustainable character!

OSO Enschede B.V. is specialized in supply of machinery and Block Rapid, to create affordable blocks which are interlocking bricks, which can be used for several purposes (building houses, schools, small hospitals, etc.). This with the most affordable ingredient you will find at the construction site: insitu Soil. Due to the fact that the blocks are interlocking there is no need to use expensive cement in between the blocks. So that makes it easy, but sustainable, solid and cost effective to build. You just add a little bit of cement and Block Rapid to the soil, mix it and press the blocks. After you dry them for about 3 weeks, the blocks strengthen till they are comparable to solid cement blocks. We of course deliver the complete span of machinery to meet your capacity requirements.

Holland Mineral Water Machinery B.V., a sister company of OSO Enschede B.V., is specialized in purifying water since 2002. We purify surface- and groundwater as well as specific contaminations of the water, such as fluoride, calcium carbonate, arsenic, etc. This we do for the private as well as the public sector. We have a broad experience in especially the upcoming markets in Africa, but also in Asia we are well known. We advise, support, and deliver custom-made solutions to our customers, to solve their problems efficiently and effectively. Our portfolio covers the whole production process of making drinking water; from sample analyses to producing (bottled) drinking water. Also with keeping a close eye on quality, sustainability and cost effectiveness. See also our webpage www.holland-water.com.